Course content

    1. Course introduction

    2. How does the course work?

    1. Handout - Your mindset

    2. What is your mindset?

    3. Two types of mindset

    4. Your child's mindset and practical tips for their transition to senior school

    5. Managing change

    6. Summary of "Building Your Child's Confidence and Resilience"

    1. The importance of giving your child a sense of control

    2. Handout - What I can control and what I can adapt to

    3. Handout - What will stay the same

    4. Practical Tips - How to help your child feel in control when everything is changing!

    5. What to do if your child is worried

    6. Summary of "Giving your child a sense of control"

    1. Handout - Ways that my new school is familiar

    2. A sense of belonging

    3. How to help your child to feel a sense of belonging

    4. Our sense of belonging as parents

    5. Handout - What happens when groups form

    6. Summary of "Helping your child feel part of their new school"

    1. Which picture best sums up how you feel about your child going to senior school?

    2. Your Psychological Needs as a parent

    1. Final thoughts

    2. Next steps!

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